Keynote speaker Helen Webb with workshop facilitator Andy Lopata with Lady Val


Helen Webb’s talk on mega trends kept the interest of her rapt audience as it was insightful and interesting – but to be told that within the next 15 years, our world is going to change out of all recognition, was downright scary! Driverless cars, Artificial Intelligence and robots are coming ever nearer (the cars next year!)

The Network’s rapporteur Gina Lazenby has written a full report on Helen's talk:

Andy Lopata’s after-lunch free workshop similarly gave us much to think about. He asked whether we need to admit more vulnerabilities in business. The answer is yes we do and we can gain a lot from asking for help when we need it. Here is the gist of his workshop supplied by our rapporteur Gina Lazenby:

PS Andy promised to share the lists of question he used in the workshop along with his tips book on Masterminding. You can access them here:; password 'littleladyval'.

Some feedback

WHAT ANDY WROTE ON LINKEDIN: About ten years ago I was honoured to be invited to be one of the first male speakers to Lady Val Corbett’s Professional Wonen’s Network in London. Today I was invited back again. In the meantime speakers have included Cherie Blair, John Snow, Michael Palin, Jeffrey Archer and more. And it was a delight today to follow former LastMinute.Com CEO Helen Webb and her excellent talk on Mega Trends. It’s nice to be in good company. Lady Val is a force of nature who has created a fantastic network of professional women with mutual support in its DNA. I’m only allowed to go when I speak but if you’re a woman in business in London I highly recommend that you go. (Below Helen Webb and Andy Lopata with Lady Val)

It was really lovely to briefly meet you on Thursday. It was my first time and I found the event to be really useful and I have already met a couple of people who I am interesting in working with. I plan to attend the next event and I look forward to seeing you again. Charlotte Turnbull Partner, Hine Legal Limited

Great lunch yesterday with Lady Val Corbett and the Professional Women's Network. Met some amazing women and heard some inspirational stories of enterprise & entrepreneurship. Also enjoyed a super presentation by Helen Webb about megatrends and their impact on our small businesses. A worthwhile day in London and look forward to the next one. Rebecca Darcy, Corporate Director, Safecare Eco Holdings

Mind-boggling - and excellent - download on the megatrends about to turn our world upside down from Helen Webb. Great speakers always on the menu at Lady Val networking lunches. Louise Rowland, Freelance writer

Do we need to admit more vulnerabilities in business ? Networking expert Andy Lopata says yes we do and we can gain a lot from asking for help when we need it. Another excellent workshop at Lady Val network lunch. Roz Morris Managing Director and Media Trainer, TV News London

An eye-opening talk by Helen Webb on mega trends and how it can impact our business. This is another brilliant networking event organised by Lady Val. Inga Deksne, Social Media and Business Strategist

A different type of courtroom this afternoon listening to an insightful talk by Helen Webb at Lady Val luncheon. Priya Dhokia, Partner Freedman Green Dhokia