Friends @ birthday fun


We had a bit of a squash for this sell-out lunch for our 14th birthday but it was special. The atmosphere was a mixture of fun, laughter and sheer buzz – the glass of bubbly we each had might’ve had something to do with it! Keynote speaker Prue Leith’s talk was just right for the occasion so was the digital marketing workshop facilitated by Susan Kabani. And Networkers laughed at my jokes. Result!

My email to Prue: It was so good of you to give up your precious time to talk to my Network – as you could clearly see they were enchanted with you. It was good to look out at them and realise you were holding them in the palm of your hand. Your talk was just right – some nuggets as well as lighter moments. Thank you very much.

Her email: I enjoyed the lunch. Of course I did. It’s huge fun and you are a brilliant host.

Prue’s talk by the Network’s Rapporteur Gina Lazenby:

The workshop was about digital marketing and Susan Kabani was a facilitator with the knowledge at her fingertips: “the very thorough digital strategy workshop so useful, I've taken away a couple of very useful tips which will improve my efficiency (I hope).”


Susan Kabani (rt) workshop facilitator with Zoe King from Women on the Web

Our Rapporteur’s detailed report of the workshop:

Some feedback

Thank you so much for organising such an interesting lunch with so many great inspirational women. Prue was totally awesome and I could have listened to her all afternoon - so entertaining and enlivening. She told me that when she opened her first restaurant, she poached the chef from Mansion House!
Hilary Russell, Lady Mayoress City of London

I wanted to thank you for a fabulous lunch last week and as ever, your jokes set the tone and Prue was engaging and inspirational. You have done such a brilliant job building the network and for those of us who have known you for such a long time, know the work and dedication you put into everything you do. We have known each other for over 10 years now and I would like to take you out to lunch to say thank you (absolutely no other agenda than that!)
Fran Moscow MD, Fran Moscow Consultancy Limited

What a joy it was for me to be part of the lunch yesterday. With you and Prue, I felt the tremendous good that can be transmitted when we --as women-- are our best selves, and not afraid to shine. I also loved reading a Life Well Lived on my journey back home- thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love there too. Until next time, I wish you the very best with it all.
Claudia Seymour, Senior lecturer, The Graduate Institute of Geneva.

I had such a good time at the lunch -a huge thank you for inviting me. It was a real privilege to meet with so many amazing women and to hear Prue – she’s terrific, and you look liked a couple of teenagers who obviously know each other so well – what fun to hear a little about both of your lives. I look forward hugely to the next one!
Fran Findlater Founder Bounce Back

Fabulous energy at another great networking lunch hosted by Val. Great connecting with new people and keeping in touch with others. Thank you.
Amrit Shota Chartered FCSI at Tilney Financial Planning

Another truly fantastic lunch Lady Val, thank you. Fabulous after lunch workshop in such a warm, vibrant and joyful environment with talented women making new connections and friends.
Jo Apparicio, COO Chrysalis Foundation

Thank you for a wonderful networking opportunity today. I enjoyed the event and came away very inspired.
Evelyn Hoggart Business Coach ACC

What a gathering of wonderfully dynamic and positive women, it was the first time I have been to one of Lady Val’s lunches and I was so impressed. Prue Leith was engaging and amusing, and the very thorough digital strategy workshop so useful, I've taken away a couple of very useful tips which will improve my efficiency (I hope!) Thank you for such a warm welcome.
Owner Alice Verenna interior design

Great to hear Prue Leith speaking at ladies lunch today. Opportunity to network with ladies across many sectors and raise funds for prison reform. What an entertaining and inspirational woman. The help, strength, encouragement and inspiration that come from these lunches is priceless.
Faith Spear Criminologist

What a great meeting, Lady Val. Indeed, Prue was mesmerising - and hilarious! Sadly I wasn't able to stay for the workshop but I'm sure it was of great value - will do next time. However, I did make some brilliant connections in the room, so very worthwhile on many levels. Happy 14th Birthday!
Lis Allen Speaker Communicator

Lucky me to spend time with Lady Val at another great networking lunch. Wonderful to spend time listening to your take on life & to meet the hear the amazing Prue Leith recount some of her very funny stories over lunch. I’m totally in awe of her achievements & zest for life at nearly 80! An amazing example of what’s possible!
Maryon Stewart CEO, Healthy Wise and Well