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Keynote Speaker: Nicole Anderson

Topic: Our planet and the financial system - can they co-exist?



"Our world's natural and human resources are at breaking point and yet economic output is based on the exploitation of both. How does the financial system adapt at pace to revalue and save our natural world? Where will the changes be made, who will lead and fall behind in this race and more importantly what can we all do to make the collective a powerful force for change?"


Nicole Anderson is Managing Partner of the Redsand Ventures, HQ-ed in London. Innovating and investing in sustainable and green FinTech, they provide cutting edge opportunities for corporate visionaries and professional investors who are unfaltering in their execution to the green economy. She is passionate about challenging the status quo and providing greater inclusion for wealth creation, access to finance and preservation of our natural & human resources. Globally connected through success in the UK, Europe, Africa, Silicon Valley and the ASEAN corridor, Nicole's awards include 'Top 100 Women in FINTECH' & 'Power Women in FINTECH' (UK, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

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