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Keynote Speaker: NICOLA COOK - CEO Shortcuts, the UK’s leading sales acceleration agency

Topic: Survive and thrive through a five letter word: sales





Nicola specialises in helping business leaders create accelerated growth and scalability in their sales function. She is invited to speak internationally and has published two international bestsellers, which have been translated into 16 languages and her third book is due out later this year. Nicola is the preferred sales speaker for a number of organisations including, Vistage, WeConnect, Prelude Group, Smith & Williamson, Scale-up North-East. Last September she was invited to join the Corporate Advisory group of London based Venture Builders Aspremont and now advises a number of their portfolio investments. In March 2019 Nicola was the recipient of two Vistage speaker awards. Best Newcomer and the Vistage Outperformer award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Vistage community and members. In September 2020 she was honoured with the Vistage Outperformer award for a second consecutive year.

The landscape of sales & marketing was already changing, but Covid has accelerated and in some case irreversibly disrupted the customer journey. Many business are unsure how to adapt. Never before has it been critical to understand how to build your sales capability and capacity. Based on the latest research and the main principles of her S.A.M© (The Sales Acceleration Model), the sales growth mythology that has added an average of +14-% to the Net Profit of her Company’s clients, she will share with us her pearls of wisdom from 30 years of working in businesses large and small, helping them build and improve their sales capability and how to build a profitable and scalable Sales Engine for your business.


After her talk, you’ll understand:

- how the landscape of sales has changed, why old sales methods no longer work - and what you can do about it

- How to build team capability (even if you’re a micro business)

- How to refine your value, galvanise your team, understand the gaps and actions needed to survive then thrive.

Nicola describes herself as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Sales Growth Accelerator, Wife, Mother and Bassett Hound Lover. She’s award winning and best-selling and holds many corporate gongs, however her lesser-known achievements include teaching tap dancing in New Zealand; holding the record for giving birth to the largest baby in County Durham in 2011 (11lbs - delivered naturally in case you were wondering) and she decompresses by writing saucy women’s fiction under a secret pen name. She also tells me that she too is ‘a Lady’ after her husband surprised her with a purchased title one Christmas, although she says it’s yet to get her an upgrade on a British Airways flight.


Workshop Facilitator: Kay White

Topic: How To Get Recognised At Work (& Paid More Money) Without Losing Yourself

Kay White is known as the Smart Moves Mentor for Corporate Career Women. She draws upon her own 20+ year career in international insurance broking - starting as a secretary and leaving as a Director - plus hundreds of clients’ stories and success strategies from her work as a career coach and mentor since 2006. Kay is the author of 2 bestselling books on her subject - The A to Z of Being Understood and It’s Always Your Move and is known for her commercial, practical and tactical career moves. She lives in the Essex countryside with her husband and 3 rescue Lurchers and is a keen rock drummer.

In this interactive session, Kay will tell us how to naturally show up in this virtual new world and how to put yourself forward in the most effective way so you naturally attract more income and opportunities by being yourself + more!

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