Keynote Speaker: Cath Bishop

From rowing glory to international conflict:

Topic: Business lessons from 3 Olympics and 1 war zone



Networking starts at noon

Rio Olympics

(rt) Cath and rowing partner Katherine Grainger with their medals at the Rio Olympics)

Cath Bishop’s life has been somewhat eventful!

Olympic medallist for rowing and respected diplomat, Cath Bishop is a versatile speaker with key lessons for companies floundering in the rocky waters of business. Sharing practical strategies to help teams make a splash with exceptional results, Cath relays the need for clarity, a constant learning mindset and collaboration to achieve success. Delivering outstanding performance under extreme circumstances is Cath’s lifeblood – both from her gruelling Olympic training regime, which led her to Olympic silver and World Championship gold, and through her struggle for survival as she encountered incoming mortars and rockets on her diplomatic mission to Basra.

Rowing: Cath won medals at the World Championships twice, a silver in 1998 in the women's pair with Dot Blackie, and gold in 2003, again in the pair, with Katherine Grainger. She won silver in the 2004 Olympic Games in the women's pair with Grainger. In 1999 she was the World Indoor Rowing Champion.

Diplomacy: From 2001 through 2014 Cath forged a career with the Foreign Office, for whom she worked in London; Sarajevo, Bosnia; and Basra Iraq. Her roles included : political, projects and press officer at British Embassy, Sarajevo, from 2004; Political Adviser to the High Representative to Bosnia & Herzegovina from 2006; Head of the Political Section at the British Consulate in Basra from 2007; and Deputy Director of the Stabilisation Unit in London from 2009–11.

Cath now works as a consultant (speaker, facilitator, researcher, writer, coach) in businesses supporting leadership development, performance, culture change.

What people said about Cath Bishop


Superb! So good at including the audience and her comparisons of her life to what we do were spot on – understood the way we work!

First Mortgage

“The blend of sport and diplomacy was a perfect fit for us and her messages were very translatable.”

Henley Business School

“An engaging, motivational and thought-provoking speaker who really understands what leadership and teamwork is all about.”

Elavon Financial Services

Her presentation around resilience, collaboration and achieving goals had excellent resonance with my sales organisation.”

GE Healthcare

“Cath was passionate, energetic and the audience was engaged throughout the entire hour she was on stage.”


Vincent is a globe trotter but does much more

After-lunch workshop

Vincent Avanzi 

Topic: Change yourself to change the world: Unleash your potential, find your Genius Spot, spark your creativity and unlimit the future

A talk which is cool, interactive, instructive, inspiring and fun. (He is coming from Paris specially for this workshop)

Vincent is a TEDx Inspirational Speaker, Chief Poetic Officer, globe trotter, leadership coach, founder of A Human Odyssey - The Ink Of The Future. Former Microsoft manager and author of 5 books including "Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind". He is also a journalist for the business newspaper Les Echos, a co-founder of the University of Happiness at Work (UBAT) and a Residential Artist at the Institute for Desirable Future (IFS).

Q: Why did I book Vincent? A: After this email from Katie Day, Director of RDPI Ltd: “Vincent is a quite remarkable man. I had the pleasure and honour to meet him in Paris where I had been invited to speak at a wonderful women’s network, International au feminin. I opened the event, Vincent closed it. He is one of the most inspirational people I have been lucky enough to meet. We share value, mission and passion. I believe Vincent would add true benefit and enlightenment for your Network. He is in great demand around the world.”

For more information about Vincent:  


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  • About the venue:
    Hidden away within Browns Covent Garden is Browns Court Rooms. This historic two floor event suite is designed with grand sweeping staircases and stunning original features. The building was once the Westminster’s County Courts and in 1996 was converted into a bar and restaurant. Within the largest room - The Judges Court, the original Judge’s Bench is still in place. It was from here that convicted defendants were sent down to the detention cells ... these detention cells now serve as the wine cellars!

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