A MUST DO Exercise for Winning Teams

By Jinny Ditzler

Founder of Best Year Yet and Thrive Global, Linked

Whether your team is a global business team, a small partnership, a non-profit, your marriage, or your family ~ this exercise makes sense and has proven to work time and again.


Critics say Networking does not work. I SAY NONSENSE!

By Lady Val

The mighty Harvard Business Review says networking doesn’t work. I am not being prejudiced when I disagree – strongly. The case in my favour? The top business women who attend my lunches are time poor but understand that networking can be a vital business tool.


4 ways busy people sabotage themselves

by Alice Boyes

You’ve left an important task undone for weeks. It’s hanging over you, causing daily anxiety. And yet instead of actually doing it, you do a hundred other tasks instead.

Or you’ve been feeling guilty about not replying to an email, even though replying would only take 10 minutes.


How to ‘set the prisoners free’

By Joy Doal

(a winner of the 2018 Robin Corbett Award)

Many of us are familiar with the biblical passage, and perhaps even the hymn, encouraging us to “set the prisoners free”. While this phrase is not to be taken literally, the situation in England and Wales stands in sharp contrast with the spirit of this image.

beach yoga

Retreating from the world – an idea for stressed business women (and men)

By Lady Val

A human being is made up of mind, body and spirit and according to two of my friends, my spirit level is low. I’m a practical person. Give me flour and I will make bread without thinking about where the flour came from and other similar deep thoughts.


How to be good at networking (even if you are an introvert or shy)

By Lady Val

I started my network some 12 years ago with 30 women. Last month we had 100. Back then there were precious few women-only networks. Now there are dozens so you have quite a choice. The best of these networks increases your list of valuable contacts, can lead to real business – and maybe even new friendships. Choose one in which you are interested and don’t be afraid to try a few – like trying on shoes you only know which is the best fit if you can compare.


3 Surprising Ways to Have More Good Come Your Way

By Jinny Ditzler

An antidote to whatever’s keeping you awake at nights

What’s troubling you most these days?

While we all have problems, I’m learning that the way we respond to the big ones can bury the natural wisdom we have to deal with them. Meanwhile we live in a swirl of fear and anxiety — or even guilt because we simply don’t know what to do. We’re stuck!


Do you play safe or take a business risk?

by Val Corbett

I recently read an article in The Guardian’s Business section which attracted my attention. It was about taking risks in business, something in which I was interested. And my interest was linked to my impatience.

I am the most impatient person you could meet. It’s not a title I crave, and I am sometimes irritated with myself about it – perhaps I have a condition similar, but opposite, to OCD. In my opinion “waiting” is the worst word in the English language and at this stage it’s clear I will never change.


The under-rated power of the apology

by Val Corbett

(Pity Amber Rudd didn’t read this!)
I learned to say sorry the hard way. It was my first big job – editor of an independent women’s magazine given away in SPAR grocery shops (look we all have to start somewhere!).
I organised a competition and the prizes were a collection of about 12 grocery items – a huge bag of flour, bottles of tomato sauce and so on – you get the idea. It was a popular prize and there were 15 winners.


How to deal with the press

by Vicky Pryce

In the video below Vicky shares her experiences with the media after having served a prison sentence.


7 reasons for women to take the Lead

By Jinny Ditzler and Val Corbett

“I believe women should take the lead in all countries – maybe a little safer.”

~ The Dalai Lama

I’ve mentioned Jinny Ditzler before. She’s the top executive coach and co-founder of Best Year Yet who helped get me back on track after taking a career break when I had my daughter. Under her guidance I listed ten things I had to do in a week then ticked them off the following one.

When I realised all the easy things were done – taking clothes to dry cleaners for example and the difficult ones – talking to my managing director about going full time – I procrastinated. Not for long though as I became embarrassed as week after week that one on the list remained unfulfilled. But eventually I did act and that’s when things started to happen.


Are you comfortable calling out inappropriate behaviour?


How do you think your organisation would respond if you raised an issue around inappropriate behaviour?

Would you have the confidence to call it out if it happened to you or you witnessed it?  What would you do if a colleague told you they had been subjected to harassment?


Five tips to ensure your emails have impact

By Val Corbett

How often do you receive an email which you don’t read? You mean to. It’s just that you have meetings scheduled and then a business lunch .. you will get around to it. 

And you might. When you do though, you look at the plethora of words and decide to  click the X button.

I’ve been chatting to a networker Helen Cox, a top marketing guru, and we’ve come up with some ideas which will make Inboxes your friend so that when they see your name, people will click.

I’ve proved this with the jokes I receive. I only email those to my group at which I laugh out loud. The result is that when I send (and not too often) they are opened. And some of my recipients are very busy people.

So how do you ensure your emails are read?


You’ve got to have a dream

By Jinny Ditzler

Here’s what I’ve learned about setting goals in a way that not only brings clarity and motivation ~ but the results you’ve always wanted.


Beaufort and The Lords – A Tale of Two Houses

By Dr Susan Laverick, House of Beaufort

When a boutique coaching consultancy for women met western democracy’s most patriarchal political chamber, the impulse to discuss gender inclusion strategies with hereditary male peers was compelling.


Mars, Venus or Earth – do we need to mind the gender communication gap?

By Jayne Constantinis

For several months I’ve been looking into the issue of communication between men and women, seeking to understand if there are any common themes or barriers. I asked my 500 closest friends for anecdotal evidence, and ‘consulted’ a number of experts. Having analysed everything I’ve heard and read, and putting aside instances of overt sexism, rudeness and prejudice (which are not communication issues), here is my conclusion, followed by 13 things to do differently as a result:


Career women: Four tips to get a date from the man you want

Well I wish I had this advice when I was dating (as my daughter puts it: “in the olden days”) – but I am indebted to Lisa Copeland who is a  dating coach – where else but in America.


Men and how to understand them, not only in business

A book by Professor Debra Tannen about how men and women communicate includes this story: a man comes home from work and asks his partner “When do we have to be at the dinner party”. She replies: “You have time for a nap.”

Cast member Emma Stone poses during a photocall for the film

Emma Stone can’t get her voice heard – can you?

“That’s an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it.”


Navigating a male-dominated work place

Reece Witherspoon, top Hollywood actress, says she’s had enough. Why? Because for many of her films she’s been the only woman on set.

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