Can you have too much money saved?

Many would probably expect me to say that it’s so important to save for the future, and therefore this takes priority. So many people nowadays aren’t saving enough that it seems odd to suggest that maybe you shouldn’t be putting every penny away for that rainy day. Surely its sensible to save for the future, […]

Raising our sons to be more human

Rina Goldenberg Lynch talks about how her 14-year-old son rejects everything feminine. In his steep ascendance towards adulthood, he rejects emotions, cordiality and anything else that isn’t brute strength. He sees himself as an alpha male whose only currency is power and muscle. He considers tears, overt kindness and expression of emotions to be anti-masculine – […]

Modern Masculinity

Roy Gluckman is a Diversity and Inclusion specialist focusing on Behaviour and Structural change to achieve Inclusion. He’s based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Roy originally posted this video on LinkedIn at the end of Women’s Month in South Africa, earlier this year. He recalled a question asked to him by a friend and colleague: Why […]