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The philanthropy behind the Network.


So much more than a Network.

The essence, ethos and heartbeat of  Lady Val’s Professional Network is betterment. Building the life and career you dreamed for yourself. 
We believe that this extends beyond our Network- it is a human right, that everyone deserves to live their best life. It is the mission of all of Lady Val’s endeavours:
-Lady Val’s Professional Women’s Network
-The Corbett Network
-The Robin Corbett Award
Lady Val is a devoted advocate for Prison reform and the rehabilitation and re-integration of returning citizens into society.
All the profits from our events, both digital and live, go into Lady Val’s enterprises, The Robin Corbett Award, (named in her late husband’s honour) and the Corbett Network.
To learn more about these worthy entities and to see how your donations change lives, please keep reading below.

A quote from the late, Lord Robin Corbett

“A prison sentence shouldn’t be about society’s revenge
but rather the chance to change the direction of a life.”

The Robin Corbett Award

Everyone deserves a second chance.
The Robin Corbett Award celebrates, supports and rewards the best in prisoner
re-integration programmes.
Each year we donate funds to those charities whose mission is centred around giving
ex-offenders a fresh start in life.
Help us on our journey, by learning more and donating to this worthy cause.

The Corbett Network

This Network’s mission is to bridge the gap from custody to community, by improving routes to employment. 
The Corbett Network for Prisoner Re-integration is a coalition of more than 80 decision-makers of major rehabilitation charities and organisations dedicated to reducing re-offending by supporting people with convictions find and keep a job.

Donate & help us do more.

There are so many effective charities, doing great work in the community. We want to support them with seed-money to grow their enterprise or projects. We aim to award up to £10,000 to worthy recipients, through our new Growth Fund, part of the Robin Corbett Award.

We’re on a mission to award up to 2 charities a year. But, this is directly impacted by how much money we can raise. Can you help us reach our goal of £20,000 ?

How your donations change lives.

We can tell you all about the good our charitable endeavours achieve, but there is nothing more powerful than hearing it straight from the horses mouth.

Take a minute and read through some of the wonderful individuals we support and their stories of growth and success.

You contributed to this. Thank you.
Together, we can make a real tangible, long-lasting impact to people’s lives.
Let’s not stop here, if you’re able to donate more, then we welcome any further contributions you are able to make.

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