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Dear Networkers

All good things must come to an end and it is with some sadness that I am announcing that the Zoom on November 24 will be the last event for this Network.

When I started the Lady Val Network more than 14 years ago, there were only a few networks for women, now there are dozens. I feel I can make more of a difference in the prison reform sector where not as many are doing the same kind of networking as happens through The Corbett Network for Prisoner Reintegration and the Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Reintegration. (;

I created this Network to offer a valuable forum for professional women to be inspired, to create meaningful connections and to further careers by focusing on key areas of personal development. I am proud we connected hundreds of senior execs through our buzzy lunches and Zooms and am happy that many friendships have begun in Brown’s beautiful Judges Chamber.

Now some thanks…

.. to our inspirational speakers over the years, from leading CEO’s, to game-changing leaders, to engaging high profile professionals, each with an exceptional story to deliver to our Network.

… to my small team of volunteers who ensures a warm welcome to those attending lunches. I remember going alone to functions and feeling nervous. So my team met networkers at the top of the stairs,brought them to me and I then took them to a group to begin the icebreaker – how can I help you and how can you help me? I will miss the pre-lunch coffee and catch-ups.

… to all of you for helping to make the Network a success. Together many fabulous business women used our Icebreaker to connect, support and improve their business and make friends. After every event I was congratulated on the calibre of networkers and how amazing they were. Please take a bow! According to our motto, none of you are going to end up in hell!
Of course I will miss you all and thank you for laughing at my jokes especially the parrot ones. I wish all of you prosperity in all you do, good health and happiness with family, friends and within your community.

Our special Network toast will happen for the last time at the November 24 Zoom from 11-12.30. Booking link:



Meet professional women who care and share because they subscribe to the network motto: “There’s a special place in Hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman.”

Thurs 21st Sept 2023
11:00am - 12:30pm

  • My first event after my partner died and I had barely been out – other than to hospitals – for around a year. All were so kind and open especially you.
  • Lady Val’s event was truly a meeting of minds connecting, inspiring and having fun!!
  • So many fabulous speakers each a leader in their field. I have learned so much
  • The only Network who provided me with a business opportunity
  • Help from Rosemary with my original street-food idea and others who have with great connections linked to that including right now a pro bono trainer
  • A current connection with someone I met at the last lunch I attended who may help with a recent idea
  • What could be better than a group of women – no Divas – supporting, connecting and making friends.
  • Loved hearing your jokes which, as you know, I am hopeless at remembering properly yet have missed during awful Covid times.
  • What a treat it was to attend today. Thanks so much Lady Val Corbett for a wonderful event. The speaker was really inspiring and I met so many lovely women too.
  • Time well spent, great company, inspirational speaker and kindness everywhere in the room. Thanks for the network Lady Val Corbett
  • I loved meeting you and so many other inspiring women face to face yesterday Lady Val Corbett. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event with an amazing speaker. I look forward to doing it all again!

Great Speakers Are Great Leaders That Resolve Challenges Fast

THE MAGNETIC VOICE fully embraces these needs, for a magnetic voice does not pierce the air or ear with the harsh metallic, nasal pinch of vocal tension. Instead, the magnetic voice is rich in color, tone, earthiness, and gravity. It is one that draws the listener into the inspiration of the speaker’s context, created by the fully embodied magnetic truth of the speaker’s heart. It is one through which magic is created, woven by the choice and richness of ‘spellbinding’ words that give flavor, significance, and meaning to the presentation.

The Magnetic Voice has a timbre that arises from a depth of life experience and emotional intelligence, that flows from being full lunged, limber lipped, and open throated. This voice carries the conviction of resonance, as each word holds the air in a mesmeric fashion – whilst actioning the power of meaning and truth in each pause.

Think of Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, Meryl Streep, Jacinda Arden, and Glenn Close………these voices draw you to listen, because of their ownership, embodiment, and splendor.

This can be YOU…YOUR voice. Tune Your Voice, Amplify YOUR Impact

Followed by SPEEDY NETWORKING – a great way to get to know other professional women in the network and ask “what can I do for you and what can you do for me?” in time honoured way!

Timeline: Networking starts noon; we sit down for lunch at 12.40 ; lunch (and speaker) ends 2.30 pm. Speedy networking from 2.30 – 3.30 Please note different venue from previously. Remember how good it is to be together live and in person!


In this online session, you will discover how to leverage online marketing, media and PR, able to attract clients and opportunities. Many people often neglect packaging themselves as a viable brand. YOU are your brand and all your years of experience, knowledge and skills are needed, especially in this economy.

Raimonda Jankunaite is the Founder of Women in Business Club and Women Thrive Annual Women Empowerment Summit/Podcast & Magazine. As a serial entrepreneur of over 10 years, she has built a global community for women with over 600k followers, educating women on how to build a successful business from scratch. Raimonda lost her voice in her 20’s due to trauma so has established her Speaker’s Academy which helps others discover the power of their voice and the confidence to build successful careers and businesses no matter where they are in the world.

This is a Zoom you should not miss.
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Raimonda Jankunaite
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