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Modern Masculinity

By Roy Gluckman

Roy Gluckman is a Diversity and Inclusion specialist focusing on Behaviour and Structural change to achieve Inclusion. He’s based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Roy originally posted this video on LinkedIn at the end of Women’s Month in South Africa, earlier this year. He recalled a question asked to him by a friend and colleague: Why do men hate women?
In this video below, Roy explores this question in more detail.

Raising our sons to be more human By Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Raising our sons to be more human

By Rina Goldenberg Lynch

My 14-year-old son rejects everything feminine.

In his steep ascendance towards adulthood, he rejects emotions, cordiality and anything else that isn’t brute strength. He sees himself as an alpha male whose only currency is power and muscle. He considers tears, overt kindness and expression of emotions to be anti-masculine – and therefore feminine – and sees them all as weaknesses.

have-your-say-Wealth for Women

Wealth for Women Can you have too much money saved? How much money do I need?

By Mary Waring BSc (Hons) FCA FPFS of Elite Financial Concierge




Promotion. Recognition. Rewards.

By Kay White

Find out here

have-your-say-Your leadership purpose is good for your health

Your leadership purpose is good for your health

By Sue Watson

When you hear the term leadership purpose, do you wonder what it means? How can a business leader have his/her own purpose, when typically organisations do not provide space and time for that to happen?

have-your-say-WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET...

What you see is what you get…

By Meriet Duncan

This video was made to help you with your zoom calls. Pass the link on!

have-your-say-businesses become changemaker companies

Help businesses become changemaker companies

By Benita Matofska

Social innovation and change-making are essential ingredients for any business looking to survive in a world where issues such as Covid-19 and climate change cannot be ignored. Benita is a world-leading expert in change-making.

have-your-say-creating-a -10-year-vision

Creating a ten-year vision

By Jessica McGregor Johnson

The great thing is that it is so far out ahead of now – 2030! – that your mind can’t even try to work out how you can do this so you can think really big, dream big and shoot for the moon.


Generation Share: How the Sharing Economy is Saving the Planet

By Michelle Kay

Here is the link to Benita Matofska’s book about the sharing economy

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