Creating a 10 year vision

A piece by, Jessica McGregor Johnson The great thing is that it is so far out ahead of now – 2030! – that your mind can’t even try to work out how you can do this so you can think really big, dream big and shoot for the moon. Because as Les Brown said – […]

Help Businesses become changemaker Companies

A piece by, Benita Matofska Social innovation and change-making are essential ingredients for any business looking to survive in a world where issues such as Covid-19 and climate change cannot be ignored. Benita is a world-leading expert in change-making. Her masterclasses, strategy sessions and change-maker programmes enable companies to survive and adapt to the challenges […]

Your leadership purpose is good for your health

A piece by, Sue Watson. When you hear the term leadership purpose, do you wonder what it means? How can a business leader have his/her own purpose, when typically organisations do not provide space and time for that to happen? Business leaders I’ve met and worked with around the globe are often wearing the organisational […]